Section 2. What is there in your room?

A clock, a chair, an arm-chair, a picture, a mirror, a cabinet, a TV, a bed, a table.
1) clock; 2) wall; 3) nice.
1) is; 2) is; 3) are; 4) are; 5) is.
1) There is a big window in my bedroom.
2) There are no panties in our house.
3) He shares a room with his friend.
4) Is there a hall in his flat?
5) Have you go a room of your own?
1) Is there a nice picture on the table?
2) Are there a lot of postcards on the table?
3) Is there a new computer in the room?
4) Are there a lot of old things in the pantry?
1) There is no clock in the room.
2) There are no pictures in the room.
3) There are no computers in the room.
4) There is no fireplace in the room.
5) There is no TV in the room.

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