Section 3. Shopping for food.

Egg, tomato, juice, meat, chocolate, sugar, fish, porridge, cheese, orange, cake, corn, milk.
1) a glass of water.
2) a cup of coffee.
3) a bottle of milk.
4) a box of chocolate.
5) a bag of orange.
6) a paper bag of sweets.
1) a cup of tea.
2) a box of chocolates.
3) a glass of milk.
4) a paper bag/packet of sweets.
5) a bottle of juice.
6) a piece of cake.
1) There is some juice in the glass.
2) Would you like some orange juice? No, thank you. I don’t want any.
3) Are there any people on the farm? Yes, there are some.
4) They have no bread at home.
5) Can I have any tea?
1) There were some sweet and a box of chocolates on the table.
2) Is there any coffee in the cup? — Yes, there is some.
3) What can I do for you?
4) He had a new suit and new shoes on yesterday.
5) There were mittens and boots under the armchair.
Shop assistant: Hello! Can I help you?
Alice: Do you have oranges and bananas?
Shop assistant: Yes, we do. We have oranges and bananas.
Alice: They are nice. Is there any juice?
Shop assistant: Thank you. Bye-bye.

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