Section 1. Shopping for clothes.

a) Clothes make the man.
b) 2) Одежда красит человека.
1) coat; 2) shoes; 3) shirt; 4) shorts; 5) umbrella; 6) mittens.
A girl: coat, shoes, shirt, skirt, dress.
A boy: shorts, coat, shoes.
1) The black trousers are bigger than the jeans.
2) This raincoat is smaller than the red coat.
3) Bill’s suit is the best.
4) I think these boots are the oldest.
5) My scarf is longer than your scarf.
1) The pupils go to school every day.
2) Jim got up at 6 am yesterday.
3) My brother was at home yesterday evening.
4) She will clean the room tomorrow.
5) Jill makes her bed every morning.
6. Baby Elephant was six. He lived with his mother and father in African. He didn’t go to school. He couldn’t read and write. But he could draw very well.
He liked to draw scarves and hats. He had a lot of friends. They played and sang together.

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