Section 2. Speaking about the future.

I will ride a bike next summer.
We will swim in the river next summer.
She will play badminton next summer.
He will dive in the river next summer.
You will play hockey next winter.
1) In February it will be windy and cold.
2) In April it will be rainy and warm.
3) In May it will be hot but cloudy.
4) In July it will be sunny and hot.
5) In September it will be rainy but warm.
6) In November it will be windy.
1) play;
2) will post;
3) will be;
4) is;
5) will swim.
1) I’m dog.
2) I’m kind.
3) I don’t live in London.
4) I haven’t got many friends.
5) I’ve got two friends.
6) They’re a donkey and a cat.
7) The donkey doesn’t like winter.
8) He can’t play snowballs.
9) It’ll be sunny.
10) It won’t be rainy.
11) I’ll be happy to see you.

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